Alice's DVD Restoration Service

Alice in Videoland has invested in what is generally considered the cutting edge in the restoration of DVDs. VenMill Industries Revolutionary new VMI 3500 Buffer uses state-of-the-art OptoClearTM Process technology to repair and maintain discs. This new process allows discs to be cleaned and/or repaired virtually an unlimited amount of times without adding or removing material from the disc or degrading the media. Most importantly, the OptoClearTM process allows discs to be refurbished and/or cleaned without the use of expensive, complicated sanding machines that can result in undesirable effects to the media.

The VMI 3500 Buffer provides a 60 second deep buff cycle for moderate to severe blemishes, and a 30 second buff cycle for light blemishes, fingerprints, and stains, restoring the surface to ensure your entertainment viewing. The VMI 3500 repairs 85-90% of all DVDs.

DVD Restoration Service

1 Disc $3.99
3 Discs $9.99
5 Discs $14.99 (additional discs $3.00 each)
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