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Not already an Alice in Videoland member? Then this is the page for you, especially if you wish to have your films delivered by DVD Home Delivery or Courier Home Delivery to any address in New Zealand (including Christchurch). Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions for Online Membership.

Online Membership also allows for renting instore, however you will need to furnish yourself with a regular Membership Card (Issued Free) when visiting Alice on High.

Having completed all the necessary fields on this Registration Form you then have the option of also buying Damage Insurance and/or Pre-paid DVD Home Delivery Rental Credits to add to your Online Starter Pack (Joining Alice's online or instore costs $10 and includes a DVD Home Delivery Credit).

Once accepted as an Online Member, your Member Account will be credited with 1 x DVD Home Delivery Rental Credit to be used when and as you wish while the balance of your Starter Pack will be either Posted with your first hire or posted separately.

As Alice does not request or require any Credit Card details to be held in-store, you will finally be directed to the Secure DPS Payment Express where you will be asked for your Mastercard or Visa details to pay for your Starter Pack and any other requested goods. This transaction also serves to confirm your identity.

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(Included in $10 Registration Fee)


  • 1 Alice's Membership
  • 1 DVD Home Delivery credit
  • 1 Collectable Fridge Magnet
  • 1 Seasonal Viewing Guide
  • Some other interesting stuff as available

$10 Registration Fee


(Please tick Requirements)

You are liable for the full replacement cost of any DVDs damaged or returned in a faulty condition. Accidents Do Happen! As films can be expensive, Insurance is strongly recommended.

For a one-off payment of JUST $9.99 you may rest easy.

Insure Me Uninsured


Pre-Paid DVD Home Delivery Credits

(Pay-at-checkout DVD Home Delivery Rentals are charged at
Standard Rental plus postage with no discounts)

Super-Saver Packages:

Zero DVD Home Deliveries $0.00
1 DVD Home Delivery Credit $11.50
5 DVD Home Delivery Credits $52.50 (save $5.00)
10 DVD Home Delivery Credits $100.00 (save $15.00)
20 DVD Home Delivery Credits $200.00 (save $30.00)


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If you have any problems or questions whatsoever please contact Alice by phone or fax (03 3650615) or Email Me.